The NCC is assisted by a permanent secretariat, which carries out the administrative, logistical and technical tasks entrusted to it. It has its own internal regulations (only available in French and Dutch).

The permanent secretariat is composed of civil servants from the four entities.

Administration  Institution Name Status
Federal FPS Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment Ms. Laurence de Clock Active member Coordinator

Ms. Hannelore Fossaert 

Ms. Clara Gruner

Flemish Energy and Climate Agency of Flanders (VEKA) Mr. Bram De Botselier Active member
Mr. Tomas Velghe + Ms. Annemie Neyens Substitute
Walloon Wallon Air and Climate Agency Mr. André Guns Active member
Mr. Oliver Kassi Substitute
Brussels Brussels Environment Ms. Annick Vanderpoorten Active member
Mr. François Cornille  Substitute

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